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SSG can handle all the tasks required to complete a job

We provide all services necessary for project completion resulting in a cost savings achieved that is not possible when there is fragmentation of services.

Over the years our business has grown in much the same way a building gets developed, from the ground up. SSG's first projects were for our own investment accounts. We found the land in need of development, or the building in need of renovation. We negotiated with neighborhood associations or plowed our way through city bureaucracies. We raised money from investors and obtained funding from financial institutions. We completed the construction process, leased the space, and managed the property through final disposition.

After completing all or part of this process many times during our 29 years in business we have acquired a broad base of knowledge that can be divided for further explanation into 5 major categories. It is our belief that by understanding and participating actively in all of these areas we bring a unique, holistic perspective which benefits our clients.


Latest Buzz

Austin's school district put 10 properties on the market
Austin American-Statesman
by Shonda Novak
October 3, 2016

The Austin Independent School District on Monday issued a request for proposals and bids for 10 properties, including the district’s headquarters just west of downtown. Valued earlier this year at more than $95 million, the properties are on the market for sale, lease or other alternative, civic-minded uses.

Details are available online at Southwest Stragies Group.

... The district has hired the same commercial real estate firm it used back in 2011 to market the 10 properties. Southwest Strategies recently completed an evaluation of all 10 of AISD’s properties to determine the market value of each of them.

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2016 Commercial Real Estate Awards

Austin Business Journal

Retail Development Nominee-
Seaholm Low-rise
Community Impact Nominee -
Seaholm Power
Overall Winner - Seaholm Power


Austin Foundaiton for Architecture

Southwest Strategies Group
2016 DANA Urban Light Award

Downtown Austin Neighborhood Association (DANA)

Seaholm Redevelopment
The Placemakers

Real Estate Forum

Seaholm Redevelopment - Iconic Structure, Saved & Repurposed
2015 Texas Rain Catcher Award

Texas Water Development Board

Seaholm Power Plant - developing a rainwater harvesting system that is an industrial-scale project using repurposed power plant cooling infrastructure
Preservation Merit Award

Preservation Austin

Seaholm Power Plant - Rehabilitation
Champion Award Honoree

New Milestones Foundation

John Rosato
Merit Award

The Heritage Society of Austin

Penn Field - Adaptive re-use
PowerBrokers - Top 20 based on leasing transaction volume

Austin Business Journal

Southwest Strategies Group
Mixed use Commercial real estate

Austin Business Journal

Winner - Penn Field
Historic Preservation Award

The Heritage Society of Austin

for The Morley Brothers Drug Store (Grove Drug)
Architecture & Lodging

Austin Chronicle

Best Recently Restored Building
TIE: Harry Ransom Center, Driscoll Villa at Laguna Gloria, Penn Field